103 Tutor?

"Why him? Can't I just ask James?" Mia asked turning to look at James.

"Hell No! We are both going clubbing tonight. I would have suggested for you to come along with us and pick up a random guy to dance with since you'd feel less awkward but I know you are going to turn us down so do this yourself and ask for Leo's help." Mira said to her immediately. 

"Why are you both being this way?" Mia asked the both of them with a sad frown. 

"Sorry Mia. But she calls the shots here." James said looking at Mira who always had the final say. 

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"You could still pick up Benjamin's calls and go practice somewhere with him." James suggested. 

Immediately after Mia's classes ended, she ran out of the school premises before she would bump into Benjamin. He had called her twice already but she still hadn't taken his calls.

Mira glared at James for suggesting that to Mia  and trying to ruin her plans.

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