139 Truth or Dare (3)

"What are you doing?" Chloe was the first to ask while Mia, Leo, Mira and James looked at him in shock. They had not expected that at all.

"Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!" The others chanted, oblivious to whatever was happening with the others. 

Benjamin was also stunned but he laughed awkwardly before turning to look at Mia. It was the two of them once again. 

Mia could not believe she was once again the centre of attention when she just escaped from one.

Although she was curious to know what he thought about her, she didn't want to know like this.

Her eyes went to Leo and she saw him looking at her face with that gaze she still couldn't read.

"My intentions towards Mia?" Benjamin said looking at Mia's face who was also looking at him.

"I like her."

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*Pffft* James who was gulping down his beer to avoid the awkwardness suddenly choked and spat it out in shock.

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