138 Truth or Dare (2)

Everyone watched as Mia stood up to pick her card.

"I can feel your anxiety from here." Richard teased Leo in a whisper but Leo didn't say a word and just watched as she picked up a card.

Her eyes slowly widened when she saw what was written on the card.

"Come on, read it out…" Peter urged her.

Mia didn't look at anyone. Her eyes were still fixed on the card and her heartbeat increased. 

She remembered the rules again. If she didn't do whatever was written on the card, the person beside her was going to make her do a dare. And if she didn't want to do any of them, she had to pay a thousand bucks. Where was she going to get such money from?

"How…" She gulped down saliva as she read it out while her friends watched her with curious eyes.

"How would you describe your… first sex--ual experience? And who did you have it with?"

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"Wooooah!" The others cheered while her friends became uncomfortable, especially Leo.

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