228 Treason

"How are you?" Leo asked Chloe when they got to his room. 

"Me?" She asked and sat down on the seat he gestured to her to sit on.

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"I'm... fine.. I guess." She said in confusion, not knowing why exactly he was asking her that question. 

"You look awful." He noted bluntly which made her self conscious. She touched her face before looking down. 

"I'm trying to survive." 

"Trying? You are always trying to survive. Why can't you just survive?" He asked seriously with his gaze never leaving her. 

She laughed a bit. It was a dry laugh with no iota of happiness on it. "It's difficult."

"Talk to me. What is wrong?" Leo asked. 

It was always easy to open up to Leo. She didn't know how it happened. Maybe he had hypnotised her once upon a time? She didn't know.

An unexpected tear slid down her face. Truthfully, she could not really tell what was wrong with her. She was depressed. But she had to settle those things eating her up.

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