84 Those kind of things happen.

Mia looked out the window in surprise as they stopped in front of an amusement park.

"We... are stopping here?" She turned to ask him.

"Yea. Sure." He said with a smile as he got down from the car. She just kept staring and didn't know he had already opened the door for her to come down.

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"You act like you've never been here before." He said in a teasing tone which made her remember the last time she was there and had collapsed. 

"Sorry." She blushed in embarrassment at the memory. She had been so mad ay him for 'kissing' her instead of thanking him for saving her life. 

Whenever Mia went to an amusement park, it was always to work. Either she was picking dirts from the floor, cleaning some places, washing the lavatory or the last time, dressed as Mickey mouse. She had never gone there before to have fun and back then when she was younger, she used to envy kids who went there with their parents.

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