77 This is overreacting!

"Are we just going to keep going round and round?" Louis asked Leo. 

They had both followed Mia immediately they saw her get into a strange looking car. Since Louis was with his car keys, they hopped into Louis car while he followed the car. 

But it was as if they knew they were being followed because the driver began to drive recklessly until they lost them.

"I don't care. We have to know the route they took. I think it's that way.. go there." Leo pointed at the left bend as he kept trying to call Mia's phone. It rang repeatedly but no one took the call which made him even more worried. 

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"You said that the last time and we still didn't find them." Louis reminded him. He was also worried. He wondered who the men were and why Mia followed them when they obviously looked dangerous. 

"Do you think we should call the police?" Louis asked Leo.

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