196 That was... totally unexpected.

"For real? Like, you are both dating?" Richard asked in surprise, in shock rather. That was the last thing he had expected to hear from Leo's lips.

"Hmmm. I won't really say we are dating now but we're kind of playing around it." 

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"Wow! When... how did it happen? You met a lot of girls for over two years and blew them off but you just met this one and in a month, you are already dating? She probably is your soul mate." He said with a broad smile on his face. "I am genuinely happy for you." 

Leo smiled a bit before sipping his wine. He remembered he hadn't met Richard for a while and decided to stop by his place on his way back home. He was at Richard's penthouse at one of his father's hotel. 

"Did you find out anything from Elijah?" Leo sat up and asked him seriously. Richard's mood changed immediately. 

"I'm sorry. You really have to do this alongside Cherry."

Leo sighed deeply. "Why does she keep appearing everywhere?" 

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