61 That feels better..

Leo had also gone out after Mia did and by the time he returned in the evening, he realised Mia was already at home.  She had fixed them both a simple dinner and left his covered on the table with a note that informed him that it was for him.

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She had locked herself in her room all day till that night. Throughout that day, he hadn't seen her.

Leo looked at her door when he came out of his room that night. He made sure Tara was inside his room since he didn't want her scaring Mia. 

Slowly, he approached her door and knocked lightly. It was just 9pm so he assumed she was still awake. He could hear her talking and he was sure she was talking to someone on the phone while he heard her footsteps walking towards the door.

Leo stood there frozen when she opened the door. She was really in a call, but he hadn't expected her to be fresh out of the shower. 

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