219 Test time

"Ready for the test?" Leo texted. 

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Mia smiled when she saw the message and replied immediately. "Yes. Wish me luck."

"You already have all the luck in the world baby, just do your thing. Fighting!" 

"Hehe! Thank you." She replied with an embarrassed smile. It was weird how Leo always made her blush whether they were seeing each other face to face, texting or calling. 

"How's your friend, Jeremy? Is he better now?" Leo asked. 

Mia spared Jeremy a glance. He had been busy studying. It was an unusual sight since Jeremy rarely studied but it seemed he wanted to be focused now and do other things instead of being idle because that would make him fix his gaze on a particular person. 

"I don't know. I think something must have happened between the two of them the other day. They both do not look good." She replied. 

"Oh... Tell him to cheer up. He needs to write his test with a clear mind unless he wants to fail." 

"What about Chloe?" 

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