50 Tara

"I'm surprised you are still here. I thought you would have disappeared back to the hospital by the time i get here." Leo said to his brother in a jocular manner when he saw Loius coming down the stairs.

Louis chuckled lightly. 

"I told you I'll be available for the next three days. I still have a life outside the hospital, you know?"

"Oh really?" Leo feigned surprise. "So how do you intend to spend the next 2 days? And what did you do throughout today? Let me guess.. Read books?" He teased.

From the look on Louis's face, it was obvious Leo was correct. 

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"Medical books?" Leo continued to press. He always liked to tease his brother for being too serious.

"Was I supposeed to read romace novels? Loius asked with a laugh.

"You're so boring. It's why you're still single until now." 

Louis didn't comment on that, instead, he asked a question of his own.

"So why did you suddenly decide to come home?They both moved to the couch to sit down.

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