123 Such guts!

The only gifts Mia ever received in her life from people who weren't her family were from Mira and James during her birthdays.

It was her first time receiving so many gifts at the same time, and from one person. She didn't know how to feel about it.

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A part of her scolded her for accepting it while the other part told her she hadn't begged him for them. He had done it by himself and imposed it on her so why was she killing herself over it?

She looked from the gowns, to big tee shirts to girly shirts to trousers to cosmetics to footwears and then to her phone.

"I feel weird." She said shaking her head. What was she supposed to do with all of this? 

Why was he doing all this? Did he really like her that way and was trying to impress her with his money? 

'But why would he want to impress a girl like me?' A voice asked in her head. 

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