211 Stuck

"My precious Princess. How are you?" Chloe's grandmother asked her as she pulled her into a hug. She had been so busy and hadn't had the time to say hello to her other grandkids.

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"I am okay. This is a nice party." Chloe said with a smile as she pulled away from the hug.  

"You look... unlike you. Are you okay? Sick perhaps?" Grandmother asked, looking very worried.

Grandmother was a very observant woman. It was the reason Louis had told her she may badger her with questions if she so much as suspected something was wrong with her.

"I am fine." Chloe managed a convincing smile which didn't really work. 

"At your age, ladies like to hide things and keep to themselves so I won't push you hard. Just be good okay? And if you need anything, do not forget to ask me for it." 

Seeing her warm smile, Chloe smiled back. "Thank you grandma."

"It's nothing sweetheart. Have you seen Mrs Wesley? She's been asking about you." 

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