199 Stuck with you

"Dance with me." Leo heard Mia said and raised a brow at her, looking really surprised. He had thought she understood what he had been implying so why was she still asking him to dance with her?

"Are you sure you understood what I was trying to say earlier?" He asked in a dangerously quiet voice but audible enough for her to hear.

"I got it." She answered, her gaze locked with his. She wasn't breaking eye contact. She was saying it with determination. 

Leo wished he could enter inside her head to know what she was thinking. He was really curious. 

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He closed his eyes, trying to calm his raging hormones. 

The wine he drank earlier was getting to him. He concluded. He had taken several gulps while making sure Mia didn't take much. The soft music was doing things to his body and Mia standing right there in front of him, looking deeply into his eyes and letting him know she was prepared for whatever was to come, made him almost lose his mind. 

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