152 Stubborn Jeremy

"Why does it always rain whenever I am stuck with this boy?" Chloe asked herself quietly as Jeremy drove them both to the location she was to meet David. 

The bastard had actually asked her to come to his place but she had refused and insisted on meeting with him in an open place. Since it began to rain, she asked him to wait outside the building where he lived so they would talk quickly before she returned home. 

She turned to look at Jeremy who was very quiet. 

'This is weird. He usually talks a lot so why is he quiet?' She asked herself as she looked at him. 

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'Did I do something?' She wondered and began to think back to all that had happened that day. She couldn't remember ever saying anything to make him angry at her so why wasn't he talking to her?

She suddenly frowned and looked at him in anger.  'What's my business if he isn't talking to me? It's better this way. I can enjoy some quietness.' She sighed and turned to look out the window. 

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