149 Stop wearing skirts to class

"Hey! Hold up!" A guy called behind Mia as she was leaving the school premises making her turn to look at him in surprise. 

He was obviously not in her department or class so she looked at him in confusion as he hurried to stand beside her. 

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"Hi! I'm Alex." He said with a warm smile as he clutched his backpack tightly.

"O-kay?" Mia asked as she waited for Alex to explain what he wanted. It was rare for people in school to approach her since she didn't dress well and obviously didn't look rich.

Alex was a bit flustered. He looked like he hadn't expected her to react that way but nonetheless, he kept a smile on his face.

"Second time seeing you around here. Love your new look. You are pretty by the way." He complimented making her narrow her eyes the more. 

"Is this what I think it is?" She asked in surprise. Although she had seen people admire her from afar, she hadn't imagined they would come approach her like this. 

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