114 Spill it!

Chloe's eyes popped open at once the next morning and she sat up on the bed immediately. She looked at the window and saw it was already bright outside and the rain had stopped falling. She remembered she was in Jeremy's house, sleeping inside his room and on his bed, wearing his clothes!

Chloe bit her lower lip in embarrassment, remembering how she had confidently told Jeremy she wasn't going to get much sleep since it wasn't her bed but looking at the time now, it was almost 8 am. She had slept so well.

She slowly stood up from the bed and went inside the bathroom to empty her bladder first. 

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She looked at the mirror and wasn't pleased with her reflection one bit. She quickly washed her face, finger combed her hair, used the mouth wash she found there before slowly leaving the room, not looking forward to seeing him but it was inevitable.

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