58 Sorry but not sorry

Leo waited for Mia the entire night but she didn't return home. 

Worse of it all, her phone wasn't going through, he also didn't have Mira's number and he knew nothing else about her or where she had probably gone to. 

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Early the next morning, he heard the front door open and jumped up. He didn't know when he slept off in the couch while waiting for her to return since the previous night.

Mia entered inside the house looking very pale.

"Oh God.. where have you been?" He asked while pulling her into a hug that startled the both of them. 

He hadn't expected it to happen but it seemed his hormones were controlling his body lately. He slowly pulled away and looked at her face intently.

"I... am fine.." Mia said awkwardly without meeting his eyes. She felt really dizzy and tired plus she had a mild headache from the drink last night.

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