159 Signing her fate

Leo, Mia, Mr Charles, Linda, Mr Timothy and Mr Timothy's lawyer all sat around a round fancy wooden table inside Mr Timothy's office. 

Leo sat beside Mia and held her hand under the table as a from of support to her and Mia really needed it. She didn't know how she would have been able to do all of this without Leo. In fact, without Leo, she wouldn't have been here. She probably would have been working her ass off somewhere while her pay would be cut in half eventually because most rich people were naturally wicked.

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Mia tried not to look at her mother who was sitting opposite her. Her mother hadn't bothered to call her to know how she was doing the entire time. Maybe she had done the right thing by cutting all ties with her.

"Welcome to my round table. I was inspired by King Arthur." Mr Timothy said with a smile as he looked at all of them one by one.

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