145 Showered with a beer?

Mira's eyes slowly fluttered open and quickly closed back when light entered into her eyes.

She groaned as her head ached fiercely and tried to sit up. When she managed to sit on the bed, she slowly opened her eyes again and this time, the ache in her head wasn't as terrible as the first time.

Beside her, she saw a little stool and on top of it, there was a bottle of water and a bottle of pills.

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James must have left it there. The thought of James made her quickly turn to check beside her on the bed but she didn't see James. His side of the bed looked like he hadn't slept there.

She tried to remember what had happened last night and when the memory began to return, she gasped and looked down at her body but she wasn't naked.

She was wearing one of James' shirt and one of the shorts which he had bought for her to wear whenever she was sleeping over at his place.

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