185 She went to see him?

Chloe stood beside his bed and looked down at his sleeping face. It looked like he had gotten thinner in one night.

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Ellie's accusation began to ring in her ears and she felt tears stinging her eyes so she quickly looked away from him and at the door instead.

"Do not let her words get to you." Jeremy suddenly spoke in a weary which startled her.

She slowly turned her head to look at him and saw he was still in the same position with nothing out of place. She would have doubted he had said a word just now because he still looked like he was sleeping peacefully. 

"I'm... sorry... I..."

"It isn't your fault." He said before opening his eyes lazily. "You didn't make me sick Chloe, being sick is inevitable."

Chloe looked into his dull eyes and felt even worse.

"Ellie, she called me yesterday and—"

"I know. She told me about it." He said before flashing her a weak smile. 

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