74 She is adorable

Leo kept knocking on the door but he was careful not to pound it. He hated loud noises like banging doors, loud honking cars, clattering objects and a long list of others.... It was one reason he disliked Mia back then. She always banged his doors when she was pissed and it annoyed him. 

"Mia please open the door." He pleaded as he kept knocking. 

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He wasn't with anything and couldn't just leave like that. 

He knew he had messed up and didn't know how to explain to her that he was sorry. He shouldn't have done that. There were other girls out there who would have been interested in having that kind of relationship with him, but certainly not Mia! He scolded himself.

"At least let me get my card and car key and my phone.. Mia please.." He kept pleading as he knocked on the door hoping she would forgive him and let him in. 

He suddenly heard a chuckle behind him and turned to see Louis standing there with a smile on his face. 

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