13 She's strange

Louis looked at the man and then at Mia who was leaving after her annoyed rant.

"Young man... Aren't you coming in?" The man asked Louis.

After a brief pause, he declined.

"No sorry." He was never a believer or necromancy and fortunetelling.

When he turned to leave, the man's words made him halt his footsteps.

"Be careful."

After he said that, the man turned and went back inside Hus little 'shrine'


"Two and a half hours. Just two and a half hours left" Mia reminded herself as she desperately tried to not get annoyed or fed up.

She could feel her temperature begin to rise and feared she was going to fall sick soon. 

She faked a cry when she remembered she had to wear the heavy Mickey's head again.

Having no other option, she wore it and resumed her job. 

Louis had tried to follow her but unfortunately, he could not keep up. And what made him even more confused was the different costumes of Mickey mouse almost everywhere. 

So how was he supposed to differentiate her from the others?

"She's strange." He said to himself. Not just her foul language, but the way she had also called him a 'jerk' like he wronged her or something.

He sighed and turned to leave but he bumped into a young lady when he turned. 

"Hello Louis" She greeted with a smile. 

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He looked a bit surprised when he suddenly saw her behind him.

She was Cherry Anderson. A good scriptwriter and dance choreographer.

She wore a blue short long sleeved gown with black jelly shoes on her feet. On her hand, she held an high-end designer bag and her hair was left to fall freely. 

And her pretty face was well made-up to look like a superstar.

"You seem to be the only one who never mistakes Leo and I" He 'greeted' with a smile and watched her pretty face lit up like she had just been complimented. 

"I'm happy to hear that. Took me a while before I got used to you both."

"Where's Leo? Why don't I see him anywhere?" She stretched her neck and made a show of looking around.

"He's probably somewhere with Richard. I'm sure you'll find him soon."

"Can you please place a call across to him to know where he exactly he is? He doesn't have to know I'm here" She asked with a pleading smile. 

"Sorry. You probably should call him yourself. Please excuse me." He added politely before going on his own way. 

Cherry bit her nether lip nervously and contemplated calling him or not.

"But calling him would ruin the surprise. And I don't want to do that." She made a decision and began to stroll around. 

She wanted them both to bump into each other, just like fate!


Leo was busy having fun with two little girls who were probably around eight to nine years old. He squatted beside them with both on each of his sides.

The girl who appeared to be older had a red hair while the one who looked younger had black hair.

He did like kids a lot and even though he was not thinking about getting married, he wanted to at least have two kids. 

"Call me uncle Leo. Leo King" He said to the them after offering them candies. 

"Wow! Lion King. I like your name!" The red haired girl exclaimed excitedly.

"I like your name also. Can I call you Lion king instead?" The other one asked.

He laughed and nodded. 

"Okay! You can call me Lion King. But I'll also give you both nicknames." He negotiated.

"Lion King. Doesn't sound bad at all"

Leo quickly whipped his head to the side to look at the person who had just spoken. And that person was the last person he did not wish to see in his life— Cherry Anderson!

"We meet again" She smiled.

Leo stood to his full height and pretended like he did not know her. 

"So what should I call you? Little pumpkim?" He asked the one with red hair. 

Cherry frowned when he refused to give her any attention. 

Even though she had wanted to leave everything to fate, immediately she saw Richard, she had asked him where to find Leo immediately. 

And although Richard had not wanted to tell her, she always knew how to get her way.

"Hello little pumpkins" Cherry crouched down to pat their little heads. 

"Would you like to play hide and seek with Uncle Lion King and I?" 

Both girls cheered almost immediately and with Cherry's instruction, they ran to hide. 

"So can I get your attention now?" She asked Leo with a face devoid of any emotion. 

"Are you crazy? Do you really plan to piss me off this afternoon?" He asked harshly.

"I only want to talk to you Leo. Can we at least go somewhere to—"

"I'd act like I didn't see you and pretend like you didn't just annoy me just now. The least you could do is to never appear in front of me and keep acting like we do not know each other."

"You're being childish right now, you know that?" She spoke to his back when he began to walk away from her. 

"Then you should leave this child alone and go hang out with adults" He turned to say to her before going to search for the girls.

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