235 She'll be fine

Chloe felt the atmosphere change when the door opened and she stepped inside. There were a couple of people in the sitting room. She didn't need to look around to know they were Adrian's cousins, friends and classmates back then. They all wore white in honour of him. Once again, she had been the one to do something entirely different. She wore black trousers.  

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"Oh my! Chloe... right?" The old maid asked. 

Chloe recognized her. The woman gave her a feeling of nostalgia just like she had felt when her car drove into the residence. 

Chloe smiled at the woman. The woman had always been kind to her back then whenever she came to see Adrian. 

"Long time, Mrs Rivers." 

"Oh! It's really you." She smiled warmly, revealing the crow's feet at the corners of her eyes. 

"You grew pretty. I almost didn't recognize you, please come in. Pardon my manners." She said before stepping completely away from the door to let her in.

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