15 Saving Mickey


Earlier, Leo had been taking a stroll around the Park when he saw his brother around an isolated area. 

He called his name but it seemed Louis was trying to follow someone so he could not get his brother's attention. 

When he looked around the place, he saw the weird looking building and thought he should take a look. Maybe he could find some kind of hidden treasure or something right?

He knocked on the wooden door but there was no answer and so he pushed the door open. Immediately he did so, he jumped when he saw a man sitting like a Buddha's statue with his eyes closed. 

"You're welcome. Come in" The man said to Leo without opening his eyes. 

"Me?" Leo pointed to himself in confusion. 

Was the man really talking to him or was he in some sort of vision or something?

"Yes. Come in" He man opened his eyes and  used a hand to signal for him to enter. 

Leo did just that and wondered why this kind of place was in a park. Wasn't it strange? 

'Isn't this a Shaman's house?' He asked himself. 

As if reading his thought, the man looked at him angrily before declaring,

"I am not a Shaman!"

Leo was taken aback. Did the strange man just read his mind? 

A glint appeared in his eyes and he thought this was interesting. 

"You are sick" The man stated. 

"Me? I'm not" Leo quickly shook his head. He was perfectly fine.

"I wasn't asking. You are sick."

The man touched the left side of his chest before he added. "Your heart is sick."

Leo's brows knotted in confusion but he decided to remain quiet and listen to what the Shaman had to say. 

"But you'll be healed soon."

"O—kay?" Leo looked at the man carefully and waited for him to explain himself.

The man looked at the beads in his left hand and suddenly began to laugh. 

"Your life is about to get interesting."

After Leo left there, he began to wonder what the man meant by that. His life was becoming interesting?

He did not believe in things like that but there was no harm in being hopeful right?



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"Mickey is a girl!" 

Leo was surprised to hear that and so he opened his eyes to take a look. 

When he saw the girl, he lost balance and fell with his butt landing on the ground.

Wasn't this his crazy housemate? He thought to himself in horror. 

He would rather perform a CPR on a pig than to place his precious lips close to hers. 

"Hurry! What are you doing? Mickey might die for real" Aunt Deborah urged him impatiently.

"Didn't they say he was a doctor?"

"He looks like a scaredy cat."

He began to hear murmurs around him and his mind dived further into tumult. 

This was his brother's reputation he was trying to ruin. 

And there was no way he could admit to them now that he was not Louis but Leo. 

He looked at Mia again and somehow pitied her. 

She looked really pale and unconscious. And there was sweat all over her face. 

If only they could take off her entire costume first to give her enough fresh air. 

Why did she opt in for this kind of job?

He began to complain inside him. 

Having no other choice, he decided to imagine she was another Lady instead. A prettier lady who didn't have a foul mouth and bad temper like her. 

He took in a deep breath and stared at her lips. 

When his eyes landed there, he gulped down every saliva he could find inside his mouth.

He could not believe she had such pretty and glossy lips despite how foul mouthed she was.

"Hurry" He heard his aunt's friends urge him and he returned to his senses.

He first placed a hand under her nose to check whether she was still breathing before settling himself to give her a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

He placed his hands on her chest to attempt a chest compression. All the while, desperately trying so hard not to take note of her breasts which he could feel.

'Heavenly father, this is unfair'

Didn't that Shaman tell him his life was going to be fun from now on?

First, he had bumped into Cherry. Next, he bumped into his Aunt. And now, he was to save his crazy housemate. How was this fun!?

'You can do this Leo. You can'

He assured himself before placing his mouth on hers and was startled by how soft her lips felt on his.

He tried not to think of anything else other than to save her and so he repeated the chest compression and mouth-to-mouth action until they all heard her gasp loudly.

"Lady Mickey is awake. Lady Mickey is save!"

The children began to cheer and clap their hands in joy.

Even some adults joined them to cheer also.

Mia opened her eyes slowly but could not fully open them because the sun stung her eyes..

She noticed a figure hovering above her and tried to make out who the person was and what was happening to her.

"Ben...jamin?" She asked with a faint smile since all she could see was someone who was covered by the sun and the person seemed to look so much like Benjamin.

But unfortunately, the image transformed from 'Benjamin' to the 'jerk'

Her eyes bulged out and immediately, she sat up and pushed him. Her push caused him to land on his butt the second time.

"And that's what I get for saving your life?" He asked with a frown.

Mia turned to look at the crowd around them before she turned to look at Leo with two fingers touching her lips.

"You....kissed me?" She asked him in horror.

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