221 Revelation

It was difficult for Mia to believe that Mary had just asked her that question. Did she say family? Did she accuse her of choosing Leo over them? Who were they? 

"We lived together for many years. We ate from the same bowl. I fucked up, I admit. And I was ready to pay up the debt, I just needed more time. But you cannot do this." Mary said, obviously trying to guilt trip Mia. 

Mia continued to stare at her in disbelief. It was simply too hard for her to believe this. 

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"Are you... insane?" Mia finally asked when she found her voice. "I deserve an apology! I fucking deserve it!" 

"You and mother almost ruined my life and this is what you say!?" At this point, Mia had tears in her eyes. It was tears of regret for staying in the same house with them and hoping a day would come where things would turn out well but she had been hoping for the impossible. 

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