47 Repay me.

"Sorry about earlier." Leo apologized as he served her his freshly baked coconut tart. They both sat opposite each other in the kitchen.

"You were oogling me" Mia said with her eyes on the tart as she took in the sight. She had never imagined Leo as the type that baked.

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Leo was relieved she didn't sound annoyed as he had expected. 

"I was." He admitted. He was not one to lie about things he did.

"And that's because of what you wore. Jesus! How can you dress like that when you know I'm inside the house?" He scolded her. 

He was glad she had hurried out of the kitchen to go change after she noticed the way he was staring. Now, she wore a tshirt and a longer short but parts of her thigh was still exposed.

"I don't like to dress much around the house. Heat makes me uncomfortable and sometimes, I have rashes." She explained. "But..I thought you said I was your younger sister." She asked with a pout.

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