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Leo and Mia sat far apart on the bed while Leo looked at the space between them with a disappointed look on his face. Maybe he had been expecting too much since Mia had actually but a whole lot of boundary between them and shifted far.

"How is Mira?" Leo asked her. He had thought about giving Mira a call but he felt it would be considered as him going a bit too far since he wasn't really close friends with Mira.

"Great." Mia lied but Leo quickly saw through her. 

Mia was always direct and usually looked directly into the other person's eyes when talking except it was something she didn't want to talk about. But just now, she looked down and avoided his gaze. 

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"It's going to be fine. It's not your fault." He assured her.

"She isn't mad about that." Mia shook her head to correct Leo. He thought Mira was mad at her because Mary had an affair with her father.

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