142 Putting you to sleep

It wasn't until 4 am before the whole place was quiet and peaceful.. No loud music, no giggling ladies, no boys loud voices.

If they had close neighbours, James was sure they would have called the police.

He looked at his sitting room which was terribly messy with some people who couldn't go home lying in different corners and positions.

Peter rubbed his eyes drunkenly as he walked down the stairs and looked around as if searching for something.

"What is it?" James asked him.

"Rachel. She isn't inside her room." Peter answered with a yawn.

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"You look sleepy. I'll look for her. What about Mira? Have you seen her?" James asked remembering it had been a bit long since he last saw her.

The last time he saw her was about a hour ago when she was seeing Richard off. Richard had said he wasn't used to sleeping in other people's houses and thankfully, one of the guests had offered to drop him off so he could find a taxi home.

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