168 Police Station

Mia tapped her lap nervously as Leo drove down to the police station. 

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She wondered what Mira had gotten herself into. She had called James' line again but he didn't answer. She could only hope nothing was wrong with both of them. 

"Be calm. It's going to be fine. We are almost there." Leo turned to assure her before facing the road again.

Earlier, after Leo and Mia had returned to their rooms, they tossed and turned in bed, each unable to fall asleep. 

Leo had wondered whether it would be a wise decision to ask her to spend the night in his room instead but he had quickly discarded that thought. 

He thought it was probably the time to just tell her everything that was truly up with him so she wouldn't think he was trying to use her or play with her. He had meant it when he said he liked her but be didn't know where or how to start.

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