82 Perverted thoughts

Immediately Leo left the room claiming he wanted to go fix something,  Mia jumped out of the bed and ran straight into the bathroom.

She looked at the mirror and noticed her face was still flushed and her lips still slightly swollen from from the intense kiss earlier.

"What have I done?" She asked herself in shock as her heart continued to beat very fast. She sat on the toilet bowl with both hands on the sides of her face. 

"Mia.. Mia... Mia.." She cried out her name over and over again. 

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How could she lose herself completely like that? Her mother had called her a slut and a prostitute because she was living with a guy and had kissed 'him' even though it was his brother. What was she going to call her if she realised what she had done? She had even initiated it and acted like a sex starved prostitute.

She couldn't explain how it happened. It was as if she was suddenly possessed and wanted to swallow him whole. 

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