141 Perfect moment....

Richard had been smiling like an idiot when he saw Leo carry Mia out like his bride. But it was shortlived when he realised Leo had actually left the venue with Mia…. How was he going to go home? They had come together in one car!

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"That evil bastard!" He cussed silently before turning to look at Mira who was grinning from ear to ear. At last… it worked! She thought excitedly. She would have gone to jump on James and happily hug him that this was finally a success but that was something she couldn't do now. She shut her eyes as she remembered the embarrassing situation between them inside his bathroom. How was she going to sleep with him on the same bed?

The atmosphere in the room was still kind of awkward. Benjamin stepped down from the stage and tried not to look at anyone. Had he come to this party to be embarrassed repeatedly? He had been able to confirm that there was something going on between Leo and Mia watching them tonight.

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