232 Patience

Both guys looked at each other. One wondering why the other had called him out while the other wondered if it had been a wise decision calling him. 

The younger one looked at his wristwatch. He was running out of time and had to return to school for his last class. He was tired of this staring contest already. 

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"Ahem!" The older guy cleared his throat. "I called you here because I wanted to ask you for a favour." Leo said. 

Jeremy's interest was piqued and he shifted his butt on the seat before he sat up. A favour? What could Leo possible need from him? 

"I... am listening." He said, urging him to go on. 

"I will be traveling soon."Leo paused. 

"Oh-kay?" When Leo didn't say anything else, Jeremy said, "I like strawberry cakes." 

Leo looked at him in confusion. "And how is that supposed to concern me?" 

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