209 Party (2)

Mia held her breath when Leo drove inside his grandparents residence. 

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"Trust me, you'll like my grandparents." He assured her. "And they'll like you too." 

"I hope." She said with uncertainty.  She had never really been one to care about people's impression of her but now, she was really nervous. She wanted them to like her. To look past her family background and accept her.

"Yea and I'm certain it won't be a big party. Just a few family members." 'I hope'. He added in his head. 

As much as he tried to hide it, he was nervous. Very nervous! 

He wanted them to like Mia and accept her. It wouldn't affect his relationship with her if they didn't like her, but he just hoped and wished they would accept her and love her. And he also hoped there were only a few invited guests.

But his hope was dashed when he saw different cars almost everywhere as he drove further inside. 




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