208 Party (1)

Mia looked at her reflection in the mirror in awe. She had thought she looked pretty the last time she visited this beauty parlor with Leo, but now, she could hardly recognize herself on the white flowing gown she wore. 

"I look... like I'm getting... married." She told Alicia who giggled. "You are definitely going to make a beautiful bride. Leo is one lucky young man." She said with a wink. 

'I am the lucky one.' Mia thought to herself with a smile on her face. Until this moment, everthing still feels surreal. 

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She wore a white flowing gown. It was simple but looked really elegant and expensive. It was so long that it completely covered the white heel she was wearing and she feared she may step on her gown and trip if she took a step forward. Her hair was styled in a neat bun and she wore a fancy hair ornament which looked like a tiara while her face was nicely made up. She looked so pretty, so bridal.

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