10 One word game

Leo had just entered inside the kitchen a nice aroma had been wafting from. He hadn't bothered to come out even though he was hungry and too lazy to go out to get something because he knew didn't want to bump into her again. He had patiently waited till he was sure she was done with the kitchen before coming out. But even after he came out, she was still inside. He didn't have any other choice than to go in and get a can of water since he needed it.

'She must be very stingy' He had concluded in his mind because he knew his crazy housemate wasn't the type to share her food with anyone. There was no slight probability or possibility of her doing so.

'Not like I wanted to eat her food anyway.'

He had ordered a pepperoni Pizza and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water when he saw the little devil that was wearing a big polo shirt and baggy knicker.

He had done his best to not say anything to her anymore. To ignore her till his sister found a way to send the little devil out but what did she call him....a fornicator? Did I ever have sex with her? How annoying!

"I wouldn't even agree to have sex with you even if you begged me" He said in annoyance after she banged the door before he angrily took out a bottle of water from the fridge and scuffled to his own room.

He wouldn't have returned to this lame country.


That night while he was watching the news in the sitting room, he saw her going out in her usual complete black outfit just like last night. "Gangster" He muttered when she almost got to the door. Mia stopped when she heard him. She turned her head to the corner but didn't look directly at him. She could see him through the corner of her eyes looking at the TV like he hadn't just spoken to her.

'Oh.. this one word game is going to be fun' She said in her mind before making a sneering sound and went further to open the door.

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Leo chuckled for having riled her up. He was going to see how long she would last.

He dialled a number on his phone and quickly, it connected to Chloe.

"What is your plan?" He asked her. He believed he had given her enough time to think of a way to send this housemate out. What was this.... Big brother Africa? [1]

"Bro please... You gave me a week. This is just the first day. I'm still seriously thinking about something. I promise you"

Chloe signalled for the masseuse who had been giving her a massage to be quiet and not utter a word when the woman was about to say something.

She couldn't kill herself. She had to take care of herself in order for her to think well.

She thought about various ideas to convince Mia to leave. But she knew Mia. The girl was very difficult. In her class, they were two snobs: She was obviously one while the other was Mia. A lot of people hated her and she had heard people saying something about her being too full of herself when she wasn't even from a rich family.

Chloe thought about enticing her with money—Give her a good amount of money that would help her get a little room to stay for two months and even have some change left for her to spend.

That was the only thing she could do now. She smiled at finally arriving at a solution.

For being this smart, she was going to reward herself by taking herself on a shopping spree after her spa session.


That evening, Leo visited his family's house. And he wasn't surprised when he was told his parents were not at home. Emergency at the hospital had taken them both out as usual.

He regretted ever coming in the first place. Weren't they supposed to be preparing for the festival? Why were they always so busy in the hospital?

"I almost forgot how you looked like"

Leo turned when he heard his brother's voice and smiled brightly at him.

"I'm not sure about that. You'll always remember me when you look at the mirror" He said with a cheeky grin before the both of them hugged each other.

"Why didn't I know you were in town?" Louis asked his twin brother Leo.

"You wouldn't have been this surprised if you knew I was around"

Leo answered before running his eyes on his brother's outfit. And yes... He was dressed like a doctor with his lab coat on. The typical picture he had of his brother mentally.

"You're going to the hospital also?" Leo asked.

"Oh yes" He looked at his watch before continuing. "If we had known you were going to be around, we would have fixed things well. I have to run along now. You'll come to the festival tomorrow right? You know about it I guess?"

Leo nodded before seeing his brother off. He was going there after all. He just hoped he didn't bump into Cherry there.

But maybe the future had other plans for him...

[1] Big brother Africa is a reality TV Show in which people from different countries of Africa live together in an apartment and there is only one winner at the end.

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