Before the car got to the entrance of the mall, the employees were already standing there, waiting for their boss to arrive. Offending their boss was a risk they never wanted to take. They stood accordingly even as the cars gradually stopped.

One of the bodyguards who was also waiting, went to the car in the middle as soon as they stopped and opened the door.

Gradually their Boss stepped out. She was dressed professionally even though she was young. Her hair was loose, mild makeup, a body hug trouser suit and stiletto.

They all bowed to greet her but she maintained her icy look and didn't spare them a second glance until she noticed something and stopped in front of an employee. It was clear that the employee was older than her but she was already shivering.

"What's your name and how old her you?" She asked coldly.

"I'm... I'm.. Mabel. Mabel Steve and I'm 28 ma" she successfully answered after stammering repeatedly.

"Do you think you're in a clubhouse for you to dress like this?" She turned to look at her assistant. "Handle this" After speaking she walked past all of them. It was at that point that some people remembered to breathe. Their boss was in her early 20's but she was terrifying.

Mabel was already on the floor. She knew it was over for her. Everyone knew she always dressed seductively despite being in a uniform in order to entice men, too bad she didn't know their boss was coming today. They were even more shocked because Mabel had told them she was 21.

They kept talking until they were scolded by their superior before they finally dispersed.

As soon as she got to her office which she haven't visited in a long while, she sent every other person out then took a deep breath. When she was sure she was the only one left in the office, she smiled.

"I'm back baby" she said as she jumped on her couch in a playful manner. She was lost in happiness before the sound of her ringtone brought her back to reality.

She took the call without looking at the ID and was shocked when she heard the voice on the other end.

"Long time no see Chloe" He said.

She was shocked for a minute before responding.

"You... you're back? when did you get back? why didn't you call me to pick you up?"She stammered.

"Hahaha..I wanted to surprise you all anyway. But don't tell anyone though. I'm having a bad jet lag so I have to rest in my place first. You didn't change my passcode right?" The voice at the other end of the phone replied.

Chloe was happy and wanted to chat more but when she heard the last sentence, she almost died of heart attack.

"No..no...no...no... just come home instead okay? we'll let you rest" she tried to stop him. But was unable to and out of anxiety she hung up and immediately dialed another number.


"This place is really huge" Mia exclaimed while looking around James's apartment.

"You act like it's your first time here" James replied.

"It's not my first time here but its going to be my first time staying here by myself" Mia countered.

She was lucky that during her school break, James also had a break from medical school and so they were able to hang out and catch up. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to retain her room in her hostel since she was supposed to pay for her room before resuming. When she remembered, it was already too late and Getting an apartment was not so easy especially within a very short time. Luckily for her, James was traveling back to school and had asked her to stay in his place, which was closer to her school, till she finds a place.

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"What? You want me to stay with you?" James asked chuckling..

Before Mia could answer, his phone rang.

James took out his phone from his pocket and when he saw the caller's ID, he ignored it.

"Why aren't you taking your call?" Mia asked while sipping from a glass of juice.

"It's the house owner, she's too troublesome, I wonder what she's calling for" He wondered.

"Then stop wondering and take your call"

"Nah! I'll just text her that I'm at the airport leaving town" He looked at Mia and noticed she was glaring at him "What? it's not like I'm lying, I'll be leaving for the airport any minute" He said.

James could still remember how he met the house owner. He just got into town and didn't want to stay at home during his little school break so on his way to look for an apartment, he bumped into a Lady in the agency who kept pestering him that she had a good place, he was tempted since the market value was reduced by half. Although, she told him there was someone else in the apartment, but he won't be coming till the coming year. So he gladly took the deal.

He laughed as he narrated the encounter to Mia.

"But James, What if your housemate comes?" She asked.

"Hmm, he won't be coming anytime soon. So have fun..Time to go bro" James ruffled her hair as he left with his luggage.

"Your head bro!!" she shouted at his retreating figure which made him chuckle.Your head bro!!" she shouted at his retreating figure which made him chuckle.

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