87 Okay but not okay

She paused and looked at him a bit before looking down. 

"My...." Her brows furrowed as she began to talk.

"My mother sold me off." She said and looked at him.

Leo looked at her with a straight face before saying..  "That's not funny." 

He knew she was joking and it made him slightly angry that she was joking when he was being serious.

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He waited for her to get serious but the look on her face showed she was very much serious and he frowned deeply.

"You are being serious?" He asked in a mixture of shock and surprise. He still couldn't get it. The whole thing didn't make sense. Her mother sold her off? Which mother would ever do such?

"You think I'm joking right? Sounds funny doesn't it?" She asked with a straight face before laughing dryly.

He continued to look at her with confusion written all over his face. 

"Your... your mother sold... you?" He asked with his brows furrowed in confusion.

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