179 Office romance

"I'll drive." Jeremy said before he snatched the car keys from Amara.

Amara handed it over to him freely before looking at Chloe in amusement. 

Since they left the hospital, Chloe hadn't said a word. She was obviously still in shock from the unexpected hug earlier. 

After unlocking the car, he opened the back seat's door for the girls to get in before going over to the driver's seat.

"Where am I driving to?" He asked while looking at the both of them though the rearview mirror. 

Chloe was looking out the window while Amara gave him her full attention.

"Do you want to go home?" Amara turned to ask Chloe who quickly shook her head. 

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"Let's go over to my place then." Amara told Jeremy before giving him her address.

Without another word, he began to drive.

"Your heart is beating so fast. I can hear it." Amara said with a light giggle which made Chloe frown at her. 

"It's Jeremy right?" Amara turned her attention to him. 

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