38 Obsession

"Are you alright? What is it?" Leo asked Mia with a concerned voice, not knowing whether to move closer or leave the room.

Mia sat down on the bed and began to clean her eyes gently with the back of her hand.

"Sorry for blowing up at you. I'm just.... my mind is just so messed up right now" She buried her face in her hands as she apologized. 

"Thanks for the drugs. I'll remember to take them." She said dismissively, obviously hinting for him to leave.

"I know I am not supposed to ask, but since we're living together,  I believe I should know what's wrong with you" He said, resting his back on the wall.

"I don't want to talk about it or about anything. It's good enough that I'm not getting angry after you entered my room unannounced. That's the behaviour of a pervert." She said with a frown before standing up. 

Once again, he saw her standing there in nothing but a towel. He quickly averted his gaze and cleared his throat to say something but her phone began to ring. It had rang for three times now. She picked it up and answered it. 

"Mia? Hello?" A young man's voice called.

Leo wondered whether it was best to leave the room now since she seemed better. He decided to leave and began to head towards the door.

"Yes. What is it?" Mia asked the person on the phone rudely.

"Practice starts in an hour. Mr B is looking for you." 

"I cannot come" 

"What? What do you mean by—" Someone else suddenly grabbed the phone from him. When she heard the voice, she knew it was Mr B.

"Where the hell are you Mia? Get you ass right here!" Mr B yelled at her.

Mia was already on the edge, his scolding further sent her over the edge and she yelled back at him.

"I said I cannot come. You son of a bitch!" She disconnected the call immediately and threw her phone on the ground.

Leo, who had just gotten to the door, froze in shock before he turned to look at her. She had collapsed on the bed with her eyes on the ceiling.

"Have you eaten yet?" He managed to ask.

"I can take care of myself." She said before sitting up and walked back inside the bathroom.

By the time she came out again, Leo was already out, she also didn't see her phone on the ground.


"Wow. I wasn't expecting you today." Leo said to Loius who had just paid him a surprise visit. 

"I heard you came by with a girl and asked for me." He said with a grin before adding. "Let's have beer first." 

Leo looked at her room's door nervously. He prayed for her not to come out now. 

He didn't want to start explaining why he was living with a lady to his over-righteous brother. 

"Been keeping in touch with Cherry?" Louis asked. 

"You know I don't talk about her."

"She mentioned someone in her interview today. There was no name but I knew it was you" He paused and waited for Leo to say something.

"I am not curious about that. Trust me." He said leisurely before taking a big gulp from the beer can. 

"So how's life— living as you wish?" 

"I do not regret it at all" Leo said before tilting his can in a silent toast. 

"I saw Doctor Lily today. How's it going with you both?"


They both heard the sound of something crashing. 

"What's that?" Louis stood to ask immediately. 

Leo scratched his head awkwardly.  "There's someone in the room.... A guy" He added immediately he saw the surprised look Loius gave him.

"He.... likes to... throw things" Leo continued even though he knew he wasn't making sense. After a small pause, he gave Louis a pleading look. 

"Can you.... go home now... and act like all of these never happened?" He pleaded.

"It isn't a guy is it?" Louis asked suspiciously as he began to walk towards the room. He could not believe anything Leo was saying.

"I'll explain the whole thing to you I promise. But first, just go home. Don't tell the family about it."

"Are you sure the person is not hurt?" He asked with a worried look. "You are not doing anything illegal right?"

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"Not at all. Let's just meet up tomorrow or some other time." Leo said impatiently before leading him out.

After Loius left, Leo went straight to Mia's door.

After fixing her phone earlier, he was able to take Mira's phone number from inside since it didn't have a lock. In fact, her phone was a very old phone and outdated phone. If it had been the latest model phones, it probably wouldn't have turned on with the way she threw it earlier.

When he called Mira, he explained that Mia had gone home after receiving a call from her mother but suddenly returned with a foul mood.

Mira had patiently listened to him talk and when he was done, she began to speak,

"I don't know how to say this to you Mr Leo.... the thing is...  Mia is kind of obsessed with... you know... pleasing her mother. So when things doesn't go as planned, she gets all crazy and all. And trust me, most of the times, things do not go as planned because her mother is a self centered witch who only cares about herself."

Leo had heard weird things in his life. But he hadn't expected that one. Who the hell lived to obsess over pleasing their mother?

He did not bother to knock on her door this time. He opened the door and saw her crouched on the ground in a fetal position.  She was quiet and her eyes were closed. He could see her face were completely wet with tears.

On the floor were the pieces of the broken bottle of a syrup medicine.

"Mia?" He called her gently before squatting down in front of her. Thankfully, she was now dressed in a black shirt and tiny short again!

She slowly opened her eyes. There were very red and teary. She looked at his eyes and he could see tears were still pouring out.

"I didn't mean to break it. It refused to open" She said in a low, throaty voice, referring to the bottle of medicine that was now broken on the ground.

For some reason, Leo's heart squeezed painfully.

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