186 No longer mad at me?

Mia went to freshen up while Leo returned to his room and began to think deeply. 

What was he to do about Jeremy and his sister? 

Even though he really didn't know how he felt about the boy because he was very weird and always made him speechless because of how forward he was, Chloe was taking a big risk getting closer to him with each passing day because he knew his parents quite well. They were never going to allow it. 

He was sure their parents had already chosen a partner for her from the moment she was born. He didn't understand why they had to keep living like they were in the 18th century. 

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He was also going to face similar opposition just like they had opposed to his relationship with Cherry back then but because he was too stubborn and made it known to them that he had already chosen his path but in his career and love life, they had let him be rather reluctantly but still tried to pry. 

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