5 Need Company?

A young man with a suitcase strolled out of the airport. He had the look of a supermodel and Ladies couldn't help ogling him. He casually walked with a smile on and one look at him, one could tell that he was a carefree person. He looked at his simple and plain wrist watch. "6:17! That was one bloody hell of a trip" He said with a smile as he took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Long time no see Chloe"

He could tell from Chloe's voice that she was really surprised to hear from him after shutting himself out for a while. when he heard her trying to confirm if he was back, he couldn't help but laugh. If he wasn't back, why was he using this line? He thought and after many unnecessary talk he asked her the crucial question about his apartment. He had left the apartment under his sister's care for the past 2 years and he only prayed she hadn't messed it up.

Staying in his family home was too troublesome which made him move out 3 years back. he needed to rest for like 3 days before facing his family again. Before he knew it, she already hung up. He was surprised but before he could react, a sports car stopped in front of him while a guy in his mid twenties got out of the driver's seat to give him a full hug.

Leo was startled for a moment before pushing him off while laughing...

"Doing cheesy things like this doesn't suit you" Leo said.

"We've missed you man"

"We?... You didn't tell anybody I was coming did you?" Leo asked curiously.

"Uhm.. well...." He scratched his head while grinning mischievously. "Just get in the car, I'll drive you" he tried to divert Leo's attention while he took the Luggage from him and placed it inside the car.

Leo knew his friend so well, and he knew quite well that he had told a couple of their friends but he didn't push further and just got in. "Nice car Richard! can see you still have this obsession of changing cars" Leo said as he got in the passenger seat.

"Old habits die hard" Richard said as he laughed then sped off.


All Leo needed at that moment was a good night's sleep. He kept thinking of different ways to escape the group but they weren't keen on letting him go. There were four of them on the table and each had a girl by his side except for Leo. These Group of rich young handsome men in their mid twenties had asked for the best private room in the bar to welcome their friend. Some ladies were also in the room entertaining them with songs while the guys threw various vulgar words at them. Echoes of laughter filled everywhere-- coming from his three friends who were already pretty drunk.

'Are they really here to welcome me or drink their balls out?' Leo wondered as he looked at them.

Leo never liked this kind of gathering. The only reason he was still in touch with them was because of the close ties his parents had with their families so naturally, they had to flow along.

He was the only one completely sober. When he checked his watch, it was already 8:56 pm and as he was about getting up to leave, he got a message notification on his phone from an unsaved number, so he clicked on it.

The message read,

"Heard you're in town. See you soon.

Love, Cherry"

As soon as he read the message, his mood completely changed. He got so angry and looked at Richard with a frown. At that moment, a pretty lady on mini shirt and a crop top walked up to him and spoke seductively. "Need company?"

Leo raised his head to look at her in displeasure. He hated these kind of women the most. Sometimes, he wondered why young pretty women like her would choose to live this way instead of studying. But on a second thought, he needed to vent his anger and relieve himself.

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"Let's go!" He quickly stood up and bid farewell to his friends.

"Woohoo, have fun don't mind us" Richard said drunkenly. The others also said a thing or two, urging him to 'work hard' while laughing.

His 'friends'- were the type Koreans referred to as "CHAEBOL". They always moved about with bodyguards - who were currently outside the room, guarding the door. So he was sure they would all arrive in their various homes safely. Richard didn't usually move about with bodyguards or a driver but on days like this where he knew he was going to get really drunk, he took someone with him.

When Leo opened the door, he turned to look at the man he recognized as Richard's driver and said, "Tell your boss to send me my luggage once he is sober" After speaking, he quickly left the bar and got into a taxi with the lady clinging onto him.

She looked unimpressed when she saw him flag down a taxi. She was expecting him to at least have a nice car like the others, but why was he going home in a taxi instead? She suddenly recalled hearing him mention a "Luggage" so he probably just got into town right? She concluded and decided to not dwell much on it. Although, he wasn't really interested, he pulled her to sit on his lap while he kissed her passionately until she released faint moaning sounds.

The driver shifted in his seat uncomfortably. He could no longer bear it and from time to time, he tried taking a peek via the rearview mirror but hardly saw anything since it was already dark outside plus she was sitting on his lap and was facing him.

He was in his early 30s and had witnessed scenes like this. But it was as if scenes like this was always 'new every morning' and couldn't help but blush when he heard the sounds

'Can't they just wait till they get home?' He asked himself.

Since she was wearing a mini skirt, it was easier for Leo to 'work' on her. He slid his hand inside her skirt and moved her panties to the side so he could access her without restriction and slowly began to use a finger on her. She was already wet from the long kiss and he could feel the wetness in-between her thighs and on his finger. He increased his thrusts using 3 fingers and her voice grew louder as she moaned and wrapped her hands around his neck in pleasure.

"Don't stop" She whispered in his ear and began to nibble on his earlobe.

The driver couldn't bear it anymore and increase the car's speed. He couldn't wait for them to get home so he could go home to his wife and also 'feast' on her.

Leo seemed to take note of his discomfort and broke free from the kiss, making her groan and pout.

He withdrew his hand and cleaned it on her skirt.

Seeing this, she was a bit irritated but didn't mind. She only hoped he didn't have a girlfriend so she could squeeze her way into his life. She never wished to become a third wheel. "We'll continue at my place" He said with a straight face as he freed her from his body while she adjusted her clothes.

When they finally got to the apartment, as soon as they got down from the car, the driver received his pay and immediately zoomed off while the girl followed Leo like a puppy. *1508* he entered the password for the apartment and when it opened, he smiled

'She didn't mess with my apartment'

Or so he thought....

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