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"Now, remember you are our dear Princess Jasmine." Mr B repeated as he held Mia's shoulders and led her to stand in the middle of the stage. 

"While you..." He said calling for Benjamin with his hand. "You are our Aladdin. The thief who fell in love with the princess." 

He also led Benjamin to stand beside Mia and she suddenly became uncomfortable again.

It was the second time they were doing this and it was her fault. She still wasn't comfortable with the idea of Benjamin touching her.

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"So you both remember the steps right? You were able to grasp the whole idea?" Mr B turned to ask Benjamin. 

"Yea. I got it perfectly." Benjamin said with a curt nod. 

Mia tried to keep her breathing steady. It was quite uncomfortable for her being this close to Benjamin plus being hugged earlier by Leo still haunted her senses.

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