6 Mr Housemate

"At that point.... I felt like dying" she narrated.

"When I saw her watching, although she looked sad, I was heartbroken. and from that moment, we drifted apart....My sister.. my only sister..I was almost beaten to death by her friends while she watched... I hate you. I hate you Mary!"

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Beads of tears slid down from the corner of her eyes unconsciously.

She had to wake up, she really needed to wake up. She gradually opened her eyes. She was still lying down, facing the ceiling, when she noticed two people entering the room. She remembered putting off the light in the room before falling asleep so the room was dark but she was able to see them when they opened the door because outside the room was brightly lit but they didn't notice her. She turned her head while still lying down since she felt a little bit groggy. She must have slept for hours. She thought.

'James?' She asked herself while taking off her headset. then she noticed the tears and quickly wiped it off with her palm.. 'what is going on? He didn't travel again?' Before she could register what was going on, they had both entered and the lady was only left with her undies while they both struggled to unbutton guy's shirt as they kissed.

Since the door was still open, she could clearly see their bodies and she noted that the guy was a bit taller than James and he had dark hair while James was blonde.

Most girls would shout and freak out in cases like this. But Mia quickly got off the bed and put on the bed lamp.

The pair came back to their senses as they noticed someone else was present. The lady pushed Leo off and screamed while trying to cover her body. Fortunately, they had already gotten to the bed so she reached for the duvet and hurriedly wrapped it around her as she glared at Mia while trying to gather her things on the ground. Unfortunately, her top was in the sitting room.

Leo on the other hand was dumbstruck. He had not expected to find someone else inside his apartment as soon as he got back so he immediately tidied himself up.

Mia just stared at the both of them like two idiots while they try to dress up.

"How impressive! You can go nude in front of a dude but hide from a girl.." Mia said as she moved to turn the main light switch on.

The room was fully lit now and the lady had been able to wear her skirt. But she still covered her upper body.

She was so pissed and the only thing she could think of, was that this Leo was a playboy who had agreed to hook up with her while he had a girlfriend at home. Without thinking much she slapped him. "You shameless thing.." She said before stomping out and throwing the duvet on the floor.


"Who are you?" Leo asked as he finally came back to his senses.

"I should be asking you." Mia firmly stated as she folded her arms in front of her chest and sat back on the bed.

"This is my house!" He said.

'Housemate' That was the only explanation for this.

'Ah! I thought he was not coming back anytime soon, but as soon as I got here, he came to filth my room' She hissed.

"I heard the owner of this house is a young woman so I guess you're my house mate."

"Well, Mr Housemate, you must be aware how this share house policy works. You have your part and I have mine, moving to this part is totally unacceptable and you should be apologizing" She declared.

"W...wh.. what? House... housemate? Share house?" He stammered as he could not believe his ears. He only traveled for two years and now his house was a share house and he had an housemate?

Now it made sense how Chloe had ended the call immediately he asked about his apartment.. "That little rat!!.." He said, fuming with anger as he tried to fish out his phone from his trouser pocket while he spoke.

"I don't care how you were able to get in here, but get your things and leave this instant!" He roared.

Mia laughed dryly like she had just heard something funny.

"I asked for an apology Mr. Seems you do no like your tongue a lot." She looked angry and her eyes were dark as she spoke.

Leo was startled. He had never seen a young girl act like this. This time he took note of her dressing and appearance. She looked pretty and wore a all-black outfit. Her Jeans were filled with holes and the creepiest part was that she was even in a dark room all alone which was why they had not taken note of her when he entered with the lady from the bar.

Looking at the far side of the room, he could see 2 boxes on the ground. He didn't know whether she was moving in or moving out, although, he desperately hoped it was the latter.

After getting his phone, he dialed Chloe's number as he tried to avoid looking at the scary looking girl.

Chloe who was still oblivious of what had been happening, instantly took his call. But before she could say anything, he screamed into the phone "If I don't see you here in 5 minutes, you'll hear from dad" Once he said it, he hung up.

That was always the best way to get his naughty sister. Although she was the closest to their parents, she also feared them when they got angry.

"Uhm.. little girl, this...this is my house, I left it under my sister's care. I do not know you and you do not know me, but it's normal that you have to leave right?" He tried to convince her with a fake smile.

"Is that how you apologize?" She asked with a cold expression.

"Hmm..I'm sor..ry... wait! Why am I even apologizing?" Leo had never met someone like this before and he was rather frustrated.

Mia opened the drawer by the bedside and fetched out a document. Luckily for her, James had showed it to her before leaving. She threw it at his side and he quickly grabbed it and hurriedly opened it.

"First of all, I'm not a little girl. Secondly, I accept your apology. Thirdly, I don't care who own this house, but as you can see in that document, I can still stay here for 10 more months. Fourthly, I guess the psycho houseowner is your sister so if you try to throw me out, your sister will be the one going to jail for claiming this was her property. Now, make your choice and do that outside my room" She stated with authority.

Leo couldn't believe his eyes or ears, he clenched his fists tightly to the document and felt like ripping it apart before ripping apart this little thing before him, and then rip Chloe apart also. His eyes finally landed on one part of the document then he turned to look at her.

"James Black? That's your name?" He asked incredulously.

"Nope, my best friend, and my best friend's business is my business." She looked at him then raised her chin to point at the door, hinting for him to get out.

'She really messed with my house. When I lay my hands on that girl, I'll surely rip her apart!' He swore as he left the room dejectedly...

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