162 Mr Bill?

"Are you seriously not going home tonight also? Shouldn't you at least talk to your parents? Your mother have called me twice already and it feels very awkward lying to her." James said when he entered inside his room to see Mira still lying on the bed with her eyes on the ceiling. 

"I don't want to go back there. They are both bad people" She said sadly. 

From the way she looked, James could tell that she had cried when he left her there and he knew it had to do with her parents getting divorced. 

She suddenly sat up and looked at him with teary eyes. "They didn't even care about me when they were together. I feel they are finally going to abandon me now. How am I going to live in a far away country, knowing my parents are no longer together?" 

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"Come on Mira..." James said as he walked over to the side where she was sitting and sat down beside her. 

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