218 More than a pretty face

Mia looked at Jeremy and then at Chloe before sighing deeply. Even while the first class was ongoing, she had caught Chloe a couple of times staring at their direction but Jeremy hadn't turned his head since he sat down there. Before, it was Jeremy doing all the staring while Chloe looked ahead. She couldn't just let things continue like this when she knew something was wrong. 

Jeremy had become her friend and even though herself and Chloe rarely spoke, they were both in friendly terms also.

So after the first class, she decided to speak with Jeremy. 

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"You want to give up on her?" She suddenly asked. 

He raised his head from his textbook to look at her. She waited for an answer but he didn't give her one. He just kept staring. 

"I don't mean to meddle, but if you are hurting, you should talk about it...."

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