44 Mission Failed


"Remember to always take your drugs" Doctor Lily reminded Mia with a kind smile. 

"I won't forget. Thanks" Mia returned her smile. Doctor Lily had a warm personality and she liked people like that. Too bad she couldn't act like that to others. 

"And... say hello to Leo for me." Doctor Lily said with a wink before turning to retun to her office.

As Mia approached Mira, she saw someone pass by and enter a room so she stopped walking and looked ahead curiously.

She thought the person looked very much like Leo even though she had only seen the person's side profile. The person wore a doctors' coat and his hairstyle was somehow different. She shook her head. It was not possible. She was very sure Leo was not a doctor, plus Doctor Lily had just asked her to say hello to him. She wouldn't have said so if he was working in the same hospital with her. 

"What are you looking at?" Mira asked curiously while looking at the direction Mia was looking at.

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