127 Mad with rage!!!

"Well well.. if it isn't you." Chloe said looking at Jeremy while her phone kept vibrating. 

"Wh... what are you doing here?" He asked looking all flustered having been caught red handed.

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"What am I doing here?" She asked raising a brow. "I own this place. I can be anywhere I want to be." 

Jeremy could only pray and hope she hadn't heard his conversation with his sister. That was his only prayer as he kept looking at her like a thief who had just been caught. 

With her gaze still fixed on him, she answered the call. 

"This is Chloe King. Who is on the line?" She asked watching Jeremy's face as his lips formed a thin line. 

Chloe heard a little girl crying on the phone as she spoke. 

"This is Ellie. Jeremy's sister, Ellie Williams."

"Oh.... Ellie." Chloe said forcing a smile at Jeremy who was cursing his luck.

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