205 Long–haired boyfriend

Chloe stopped in front of a grand restaurant and handed the car keys to the valet who offered his hand. 

"Thank you." She said politely but didn't move to enter inside the restaurant. She looked at the place and tried to relax. Breathe in, breathe out. She coached herself and tightened her hold on her designer's handbag before taking a step and another and another until she was inside. 

She was directed to a table which had been reserved for them and frowned unpleasantly when she realised her date hadn't arrived. 

She looked at the time and her frown deepened. They were supposed to meet by 12pm but it was already 7 minutes past 12. he had deliberately driven slowly, hoping she would arrive late and whoever her date was would have a bad impression of her because as far as she was concerned, she wasn't going to do anything to make her date think she was interested in any of this. But even after everything, he still hadn't arrived? 

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