140 Little punishment...

"I have to go now." Chloe turned to tell Jeremy. She didn't want to get herself involved in that kissing game or whatever they called it.

Her tag number was 8 and there was no way she was going to do that.

"Come on, can't you just…" Jeremy was interrupted when Chloe's phone began to ring.

She took it out and her eyes shone with surprise seeing it was her father calling her.

Jeremy looked at the caller curiously and wondered why she looked uncomfortable to answer the call. When his mother was alive, she did let him go to parties so he didn't see why they wouldn't let a 23 years old girl party.

The music at the background was a bit low since they were about starting the kissing game so she figured she could take the call in there and just pretend she was spending the time at the office.

"Hello sir?" She said with false cheerfulness as she began to head towards the main door, leaving Jeremy behind. 

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