158 Linda and Leo

Chloe had never faced such kind of awkwardness before. 

They had placed a small wooden chair inside the bathroom in front of the mirror while Jeremy sat there and waited for Chloe to blow dry his hair for him. 

Chloe tried not to look at his face in the mirror because she may blow up at him if she saw the grin on his face.

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"Why do you keep a long hair if you cannot take care of it?" Chloe asked and frowned at him before moving about to get the things she needed in place.

She couldn't believe it. She of all people was doing this. Maybe it was a mistake employing him in the first place because he was making her do the things she didn't like to do.

As she walked towards him,  she noticed the look on his face had changed and now, he looked sad. 

She stared at him through the mirror in confusion. Did she say anything wrong? Why was he sad and no longer looking at her?

'Should I ask him what I did wrong?' 

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